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Being a writer at heart, I have always enjoyed writing blog posts for not only myself, but for businesses, non-profits, and local blog sites. I have written personal accounts, content information, reviews, songs, and more.


To view the blogs I’ve created, blog articles I’ve written, and site I’ve written for, please click on the photos below:

Baja Winery Tours – Content Writer and Social Media Marketer:

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Currently a content writer and online marketer for this tour company. Write their blog posts based on SEO keywords I’ve researched. Read my post that appears on the first page of google under things to do Tijuana day trip. Japan Tourism Website:

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Read my post on when I hiked Mt. Fuji. It has over 800 views and counting!:

Recent XRAY.FM article on Concerts for Life Event:

Concerts for Life



Evidence of EventFullness Blog I wrote about Events I helped organize or volunteer at:

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Petite Laurie a Paris Blog I wrote while I was living and studying in France:

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Blog article “Happy Thursday!” I wrote for Ride For the Future:

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Blog article “Ride For the Future’s Undenying Love for Whole Foods”:

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Blog article “Recouping in Waco” for Ride For the Future:

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Blog article “Our First Action in Houston, Preparing for Dallas Actions”:

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Blog article “Arriving in Dallas” highlighting our 1,000 mile bike ride and service:

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Blog article “Honk if You Love This Planet”:

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Blog articles I wrote for “Food Waste Around the Globe” – LeanPath Blog Series:

“Food Waste in Canada: Stats and Solutions”:

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“Sweden: A Leader in Reducing ‘Matavfall’ (Food Waste)”:

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“Food is ‘Too Good for the Bin’ in Germany”:

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“Becoming the Conscious Cook: Australia’s Food Waste Reduction Initiatives”:

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“Antigaspi: The National Campaign to Reduce Food Waste in France”:

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Where in the World is Little Laurie? Blog I wrote while I was road tripping across the country:

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