My name is Laurie Horning and I am a Content Writer and Digital Developer located in the Portland area. I develop websites, design logos, icons, banners, edit photos, write blog posts and web articles, and implement online marketing tools in order to attract more viewers and clients to websites.


Outside of web design, I am a singer/song writer and play many local shows around Portland. I am a performance recruiter for the Basil Bar Wednesday Open Mic, every Wednesday at 8pm (location: 3131 NE Broadway). I also participating in volunteer services and giving back to my community. I used to lead a Youth Open Mic at Cafe Au Play (a non-profit that recently closed) and I organized a cultural awareness event with Catholic Charities that took place last Spring in 2016.


Traveling is one of the passions I pursue. It fuels my drive to work hard so I can explore the natural world around me or enjoy a cultural experience in a place I have not yet explored. The header photo for this portfolio website was taken in Denali National Park when I was visiting Alaska for the first time. I have many edited photos taken by my DSLR camera that I use as stock photos for my designs. If you wish to view them, please ask upon request. (Yes, that is a Grizzly bear in the picture above!)


If you are looking for a marketer, website developer, content writer or editor, feel free to contact me!